Commemorative Plaques

Yahrzeit Memorial Plaques

We are pleased to tell you that Tifereth Israel has added several more yahrzeit boards in our Ohel Aharon. This will substantially increase the number of spaces available for memorial plaques. In addition, we will be able to move plaques so that family members can be grouped together.

If you would like to take this opportunity to gather your family’s memorial plaques together in one place, please email Linda Marus or call the synagogue office at 619 697-6001. You may also wish to consider reserving spaces for future use, if you want to ensure that your loved ones will be grouped together.

The price for a memorial plaque is $360.00.

Tree of Life

Tree Of Life

Inscribe a leaf on the Tree of Life in our lobby to honor someone special in your life, commemorate a Simcha, or just because! To order your leaf, complete this form and return it to the synagogue office with payment. Please allow one to two weeks for the plaque to be installed.

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