Our RSVP Policy

The RSVP Policy

Please respond by the RSVP dates. Requests after those dates will be placed on a wait list. Sorry, we cannot offer refunds for any cancellations.

A great deal of planning goes into our events to make sure everyone has the best possible experience. To achieve this goal, we often require a reservation in advance. It impacts not only the cost of the event, but also the amount of food prepared, the setup of the room, and many other details. Making your reservations in advance is a courtesy to the planners and to your fellow congregants.



Reprinted from The Shofar, April 2012

Just One More…

Over the past few months many of our events have experienced terrific participation. The challenge is always handling reservations, whether a fee is involved or not.

When the reservation deadline passes, we get calls from people asking us to make room for just one more. But those late reservations start adding up. Many believe that caterers always prepare 10% more than the client orders. The reality is that the margins, especially in these times, are never that large. For example, following the deadline for the Purim Feast, we had more than twenty people who called at the last minute. No caterer would have made twenty dinners more than we ordered for that night.

We try our very best to publicize events (Shofar, email, flyers) so members and friends have time to make their plans. We want you to come and enjoy yourself at our events but it takes a great deal of planning.

We also ask that you be aware of our RSVP Policy...

We know that sometimes an unexpected visitor may arrive, that a business trip you planned has been postponed, etc. We recognize that these things happen and, although we may sometimes be able to accommodate, we ask that you understand when we can’t.

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