The Shinshinim Program: Welcome a little bit of Israel into your home

TIS will again be part of the Shinshinim Program through Jewish Federation of San Diego. Shinshinim is a service program that places Israeli teens who have recently graduated from high school in different cities around the world for a year of service in Jewish communities. This program defers their military service while they educate their host communities about Israel. The Shinshinim will arrive in San Diego in early August.

We are excited to introduce you to Shay (prounounced "shy") Tsuk, the Shinshin who will spend his year of service at Tifereth Israel during the Academic Year 2023-2024.

Shay is 18 years old. He lives in Mazkeret Batya. Shay is a musician. He plays guitar and violin and is majoring in music in high school. He volunteers in a youth movement and loves to hike, travel, and learn a variety of enrichment fields such as philosophy, computers, and the history of the Middle East.

Click here to view a short video of Shay.

How can you help?

We need a family or families to host Shay!
Shinshinim live with host families. Hosts may be families with children living at home, “empty nester” couples, or grandparents. We currently have the first trimester covered but are looking for host homes from November through the balance of the school year.

What is required of a host family?

A private room in your home for the Shinshin to stay, food for daily meals, and a nurturing home environment for a 3–4-month period. Each Shinshin is provided with an insured car, a cell phone, health insurance, and a financial stipend through Federation and the Jewish Agency.

How are they a part of our community?

The Shinshinim take part in innovative Israeli education and engagement programs at more than 20 partner organizations. They live with Host families - who can be families with children living at home, empty nesters or grandparents - for 3-4 months hosting term.

For more information on a becoming host family call Shifra Baltinester, 858 967-3969 or email her at .


Two years ago, the Mathews family had an amazing experience hosting Yuval Fabish for four months (plus random weeks here and there). Yuval came to San Diego last August with the Shinshinim program. During his tenure, Yuval volunteered in our Torah School and was welcomed with open arms by staff, students, and parents.

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