Israel and the LGBTQ+ Community – 7/14

Sunday, July 14th, 11:30 a.m. on Zoom

Being part of the LGTBQ+ community in Jerusalem is very different than the rest of the world. Cantor Hanan and his friend Eli Kaplan Wildmann will give us an idea of the possibilities and challenges faced by members of Israel’s LGBTQ+ community.

In 2015 at the Pride march in Jerusalem, Shira Banki was murdered by an ultra-religious Jew for marching in support of acceptance and love. This changed the entire liberal community of Jerusalem forever.

What is it like being an openly gay, religious man in Jerusalem today? Eli Kaplan Wildmann, a friend of Cantor Hanan, is a proud religious, gay artist and father who will join us from Israel to share his experiences in terms of being out in Israel’s capital. Eli describes his life as Modern Family: Jerusalem Artist Edition.

This will be a very open and honest conversation and no question is off-limits.

About Eli Kaplan Wildmann

Eli is a creative director, curator, and designer, spearheading tactile visual projects for organizations such as PJ Library, OneTable, and Manhattan’s Central Synagogue. His “unbound” creations have reached hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, reimagining books as one-on-one theatrical experiences. Eli comes from the world of the stage, as a designer and director. He is constantly inspired by the variety and passion that can be found in his favorite city, Jerusalem, where he currently lives and is attempting to turn his son and daughter into musical theater fans. These days he is working on “Sacrifices,” his musical about the Second Temple’s destruction, and a series of private curator tours of Israel.

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