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Youth Groups for Tifereth Israel Synagogue

Our youth groups host a diverse range of social, cultural, educational, and religious programming wherein we ultimately strive to instill a rich sense of leadership and community in our Jewish youth. Our youth groups offer age-appropriate activities for students in grades Kindergarten through 12th Grade.  Our youth groups are part of United Synagogue Youth (USY) and age ranges are informed by USY regional standards, keeping our groups in step with other USY chapters around the country.

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Our Youth Groups

  • Machar (Hebrew: tomorrow) for Kindergarten - 2nd grade students.
  • Chaverim (Hebrew: friends) for 3rd - 5th grade students. Formerly called Kadima (Hebrew: forward)
  • Gesher USY (Hebrew: bridge) for early teens in 6th - 8th grade. Formerly called Jr. USY.
  • USY serves our 9th - 12th-grade students.

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USY Board

Our youth program for teens includes opportunities to serve on a board, working with the Youth Director to plan events and take leadership roles as they transition from youthful participants to young adults. Board leadership positions are open to 8th through 12th graders in the Gesher USY or USY group.

USY Board members have the opportunity to acquire leadership skills, focused knowledge and experience, and contribute to the experience of youth groups for all ages through a selection of board positions.

USY Board Positions

  • President
  • Executive Programming Vice President
  • Social Action/Tikkun Olam Vice President
  • Membership/Chaverim (formerly Membership/Kadima or MemKad) Vice President
  • Israel Affairs Vice President
  • Religion/Education Vice President
  • Communications Vice President

Board members dedicate one year of active service to our Tifereth Israel USY chapter. This includes attending all monthly board meetings and at least 70% of events, in addition to fulfilling the specific responsibilities of their position.

Email Cheryl to learn more about youth groups or USY board leadership at Tifereth Israel Synagogue. See below <anchor link> for monthly recurring events for each age range.

What is USY?

United Synagogue Youth (USY) is the official youth organization of Conservative Judaism. Tifereth Israel USY (TIS USY) is a chapter in the Far West Region. The Far West Region spans over 25 synagogues throughout the West Coast. USY members at the Chaverim, Gesher USY and USY levels are welcome and encouraged to attend events hosted by the region such as Kinnusim (retreats), dances, Far West on Wheels (a three-week bus tour), and the annual regional convention, in addition to our chapter programming and collaborative events with our fellow local San Diego USY chapters.

How to Become a Member

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to consider signing up your child/children to become paid member/s of our Youth Department. Members receive a discount on TIS youth events and only members are eligible to attend Far West regional events.

Membership may be completed using the Registration button above. Membership dues will be collected as part of the registration process (TIS members will have the option to pay by check; select 'bill my account' during the payment process).

Please Note

For liability purposes, we require that all attendees of our USY events have emergency contact information and event waiver form on file. Members of TIS USY complete these items in the USY Registration Form. Non-TIS USY chapter members must complete the Event Waiver Form linked at the top of this page before attending any events.

Chaverim Sundays
(Grades K-5, 12:00 - 1:30 p.m., Youth Lounge)

  • October 22nd
  • November 12th
  • December 10th
  • January 21st
  • February 11th
  • March 10th
  • May 5th

Gesher/USY Lounge Nights - Wednesdays
(6th-12th Grades; 7:00 - 8:30 p.m; Zoom)

  • September 20th
  • October 18th
  • November 15th
  • December 20th
  • January 17th
  • January 31st
  • February 21st
  • March 20th
  • April 17th
  • May 15th

-USY Board Meetings - Wednesdays
(USY Board Members only; 7:00-8:30 p.m.; on Zoom)

  • September 6th
  • October 4th
  • November 8th
  • December 6th
  • January 10th
  • February 7th
  • March 13th
  • April 10th
  • May 8th

If you have any questions, please feel free to email our Torah School & Youth Director, Cheryl Katz, or call her at 619 697 6001 ext. 109.

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